Best Bachelorette Party Destinations For Every Bride

Best Bachelorette Party Destinations For Every Bride

The wedding day is an event that every bride looks forward to. From sporting your beautiful gown to sharing that magical first kiss as a married couple, and then starting a new life together in holy matrimony—could anything be better than this?

Enter the bachelorette party. 

Ok, maybe a bachelorette party isn’t “better” than your wedding, but it’s certainly something that’s worth looking forward to. There are many reasons why traveling is important but pulling out all the stops for your bachelorette party is a great way to celebrate your upcoming nuptials while also treating yourself to a great time. Spending time with your closest friends in a beautiful location is also your chance to thank the people who helped shape you into the confident, amazing woman you are today. 

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas. But Where To? 

So you’re on board with the idea of a memorable bachelorette party, but you’re not sure where to. Before you worry about what to pack in a carry on, you have to decide where you’re headed! Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with some incredible bachelorette party ideas. 

Depending on what you like to do for fun, the perfect vacation can vary significantly from bride to bride. So whether you’re looking to catch some sun in Mexico, or taste an expensive pinot grigio in wine country, read on for the best bachelorette party destinations and incredible girls trip ideas for every bride! 

Cabo, Mexico


For the beachy bachelorette looking to leave the U.S., Cabo is one of the best places to throw a bachelorette party filled with sun, sand, and celebration. Whether you want to relax by the ocean, rent a yacht or enjoy a roof top bar, pool party, sip on a beachy cocktail on one of Cabo's pristine beaches, or a little bit of both, here are some of the best bachelorette activities in Cabo!

  • Book a stay at the Grand Solmar – One of the nicest resorts in all of Cabo San Lucas, the Grand Solmar is the epitome of luxury and ocean views. The hotel also offers an all-inclusive package, which comes with gourmet meals, golfing, and even whale watching. This resort also has amenities such as an adult-only pool, full spa, bars and restaurants, and even a private beach. You can also rent a luxury villa in San Jose del Cabo and hire a private chef and driver if you want your bachelorette party group to all be in the same house. 

  • Happy Ending Cantina – For the bride who wants to throw it back to her college days, the Happy Ending Cantina has everything you need. Beer pong, a dance floor, and $5.00 beer and shot combos are all served up at this rowdy venue.  

  • Mango Deck – For the perfect beachfront bar, give Mango Deck a try! Mango Deck is a famous spot in Cabo, known for its incredible view of Lover’s Beach (sounds fitting for a bride to be, right?). On weekends, you can enjoy a boozy brunch that serves up a perfect mix of Mexican delicacies and fun cocktails during your Cabo bachelorette party. 

  • Lake Tahoe, California


    Not every bachelorette wants to celebrate their upcoming ceremony in the sweltering heat with their bride tribe, and that’s okay. For brides who want the ground as white as their wedding gown (winter wedding anyone?), try hitting the slopes of Lake Tahoe! 

    Situated in the Sierra Nevada mountains, this perfect destination is a surprising winter wonderland in the heart of California. For fun activities to include in a subzero Lake Tahoe bachelorette party, try some of these ideas:

  • Skiing and snowboarding – Book a room at one of Lake Tahoe's lavish ski resorts, or split the cost of a rental house for more privacy. The proximity to the slopes will let you and your friends fill the days with exciting winter sports. 

  • Turn up the heat at night – A snowy bachelorette party destination doesn’t have to mean ditching the nightlife. Southern Lake Tahoe has a busy bar scene with tons of fun spots to choose from. Heavenly Mountain offers a live DJ for partying directly on the slopes, and Montbleu Casino brings a little slice of Vegas to the mountains for a rowdier bachelorette vibe.

  • Relax with a spa day – Recover from the chilly temperatures outside with a nice, hot spa day at Stillwater Spa. This spa offers a ton of packages perfect for a bachelorette party. From massages to manicures and even a boozy brunch, you’ll be feeling completely recharged after a long day of skiing. 

  • Tulum, Mexico


    Another destination for a bride-to-be who wants to be south of the border, Tulum has a killer nightlife that’s bound to be memorable (or not…if you know what we mean). 

    With close proximity to gorgeous beaches, the jungle and Mayan ruins, Tulum is the perfect place for a Mexico bachelorette party that requires wild energy. Some of the best ideas for a Tulum, Mexico bachelorette bash include:

  • Gitano – Gitano is a popular beach bar in Tulum that has a live DJ every Friday night. The cost of entry is totally free, and artisanal cocktails are served all night long. While this bar has locations in Miami and New York, the Tulum spot is the place to be for special events. Bachelorettes can also choose to make a reservation and book a private party at this joint for an experience exclusive to them!

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  • Playa Paraíso – Spend relaxing, sunny days relaxing at this tropical beach club. Long nights of celebrating can take a lot out of you—but fortunately, it’s easy to recharge with Playa Paraíso’s beautiful beach beds, delicious food, and zesty margaritas.

  • Papaya Playa Project – The Papaya Playa Project is a partner with Design Hotels that host events for Tulum’s tourists. From major parties with live music to more sophisticated dinners at five-star restaurants, they have an activity for everyone. Customers can even book more adventurous outings—like water sports and jungle tours—if they’re feeling brave enough. 

  • Las Vegas, Nevada


    Sin City is a classic choice for the perfect bachelorette party destination, but there’s more to this getaway than slot machines and Penn & Teller shows. 

    The scene in Vegas has evolved over the years, and bachelorettes who choose to celebrate on the strip can find a much wider variety of activities now than ever before. 

  • A pool party like no other – Las Vegas may be known for casinos, but another popular bachelorette activity involves hitting up the daytime pool parties. Many hotels and clubs offer pool parties, and an entry fee will typically get you unlimited drinks and pool time. 

  • Get a helicopter tour – Celebrate in the sky with one of Las Vegas’ exciting helicopter tours! Starting at $89, you can see the bright lights of the strip from thousands of feet above. Up to six people can enjoy this high-flying tour, so choose wisely who you’re bringing along if this is an activity that interests you.

  • Take a pole dancing class – This one is for the bold bride-to-be. Stripper 101 is a pole dancing class that will teach you these sexy moves for a starting price of $24. Laugh with your friends as you all try to maneuver the pole, and maybe even pick up a move or two for after the wedding! Make a reservation for your party ahead of time to get a personalized class at their Planet Hollywood location. 

  • Napa Valley, California


    What bride doesn’t love a good glass of wine? 

    Get your fix in now before you risk a cabernet stain on your wedding dress by spending a bachelorette weekend in Napa Valley, California. For some fun ideas on how to spice up a weekend getaway in wine country, try out these perfect bachelorette outings that your bridal party will love:

  • Take the Napa Valley Wine Tour – Get a private tour of Napa Valley in a luxury vehicle for $1,200. This activity involves four to five hours of wine tasting for up to 12 people, learning interesting facts about winemaking, and a ride in a limousine or party bus! Don’t worry about finding a designated driver, either. The tour includes a safe ride back to your hotel at the end of the tastings. 

  • Ride the Wine Train – For a cheaper alternative to the wine tour (with a fun twist), try taking the Napa Valley Wine Train. For $233, you get to try wines from all over Napa, eat a gourmet lunch, and feel like a high-class train passenger from the industrial revolution. 

  • Reserve a winery wine tasting – If you’re looking to avoid post-wine motion sickness, try reserving a spot at one of Napa Valley’s 500 wineries. Most wineries and vineyards accept reservations for larger groups, so your NAPA bachelorette party will have plenty of time to sit down, relax, and try some delicious vino!

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    Sometimes, packing can turn a fun vacation into a stressful chore. You don’t always want to deal with a giant suitcase, checking a bag at the airport, or not having room for all your essentials especially when you're headed to one of the best bachelorette party destinations ever.

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    There are many bachelorette destinations to choose from so remember to pack appropriately, bring your favorite outfit, and have fun with your bridal party. Safe travels, and congratulations on your big day!

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