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Diaper Bag Essentials Checklist

Being on the go with baby is hard enough. Tack on an overflowing, disorganized diaper bag, and you have the perfect recipe for frustration. Whether you’ve got a nursing newborn or a teething toddler on your hands, having the right supplies can help you be the ultimate mobile mom.

If you’re looking to clean up the inside of your diaper bag, check out these handy tips to stay prim, proper, and—most importantly—prepared. Read on for the ultimate diaper bag checklist!

What Do You Really Need in a Diaper Bag?

The difference between a terribly stressful day and a breezy one can often come down to a well-packed diaper bag. When you’re toting around the ultimate baby essentials, you’ll be prepared for even the fastest curveballs life (and your little one) can throw at you.

To that end, here’s the ultimate diaper bag checklist that every mom needs:

Diaper-related essentials

They’re called diaper bags for a reason. And although your diaper bag will probably end up doubling as a purse for the foreseeable future, that doesn’t take away from its original purpose

Here are the basic diaper bag essentials every mom needs:

  • Extra diapers – This one may seem like a no-brainer—but you’d be surprised by just how many diapers babies will go through in a day. Moms should expect to change their newborn’s diaper up to 12 times a day (and closer to 8 times a day for older babies).1 The perfect diaper bag will have enough compartments for all the extra diapers you need, and prevent a diaper tornado from brewing inside. 
  • Wipes – A full pack of wipes is another essential for quick changes. All the diapers in the world won’t be much help if you don’t have a baby wipe for your baby’s bottom.

  • Changing mat – Depending on where you’re going, there may not always be a changing table available. That’s why many moms opt for a portable changing mat—like our travel changing pad. This padded, easy-to-clean material will quickly become your diaper bag must-have, and the changing pad even has additional pockets for diapers and wipes (in case your bag is running out of space).

  • Rash ointment – Even the quickest diaper change can’t always prevent a dreaded diaper rash. Fortunately, a small tube of diaper cream or rash ointment can go a long way—without taking up much space in your diaper bag. 
  • A change of clothes – As much as we’d love for accidents to stay within the confines of your baby’s diaper, this isn’t always the case. On particularly messy days, it never hurts to have an extra outfit in your diaper bag, just in case. 

Your baby may not have a cell phone yet, but that doesn’t stop nature from calling. And when nature calls while you’re out and about, having all the necessary supplies will make a quick clean up possible. 

Non-diaper essentials

Now that we have the basics covered, it’s time to delve into the more creative items. In addition to ointment and wipes, your diaper bag can carry all the little things that make mom life easier. 

Here’s a checklist of non-diaper diaper bag essentials for newborns and toddlers:

  • Pacifier – If your baby is teething, it’s always good to keep something soothing on hand for their pain. Pacifiers are small, inexpensive, and won’t take up much space—and the BÉIS diaper bag even comes with a pacifier slot and an attached teething ring (for gum-related emergencies). 

  • Bottles and snacks – When your baby is hungry, they let you know right away. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, the munchies are the munchies (or sippies, if they’re still on the bottle). You’ll want to make sure you’ve picked out a diaper bag with enough room for any baby food or feeding gear, like pumps, bottles, and milk bags. Nursing moms who want to stay extra organized can opt for our bottle cooler—a sleek, insulated bag that holds up to two bottles at a time. Simply slide this bad boy in your diaper bag and you’ll be ready to go. 

  • Toys – Who said your diaper bag can’t be fun? While it’s probably never going to look like Santa’s toy sack, having a few entertainment options on hand never hurts. Pack away at least one small toy—like a stuffed animal or a rattle—for emergency cases of boredom. 

  • Seasonal necessities – Depending on the time of year, your diaper bag may benefit from a few seasonal necessities to keep your baby safe and comfortable. In the summer, you’ll want to pop a cute little hat and some baby-safe sunscreen in your bag. For chilly winter days, an extra swaddle blanket and mittens will always come in handy.

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    How to Keep a Diaper Bag Organized

    Now that you know what to put in your diaper bag, it’s time to learn how to pack it properly for maximum effectiveness. Having all the essentials will only be so helpful if you’re still struggling to find them. Here are some of the best tips to utilize when packing a neat, organized baby diaper bag:

  • Have Ziploc bags on hand – Sometimes you’ve got a dirty diaper on your hands, and simply no place to put it. The last thing you want are soiled diapers staining the lining of your bag (or, even worse, wafting out an unpleasant smell). That’s where a Ziploc bag comes in handy. Keeping a few disposable, resealable bags can save you when a trash can simply isn’t within reach. 

  • Pick a side – Your diaper bag isn’t just for baby belongings. Your stuff should fit too. But having two people’s belongings in the mix can sometimes lead to confusion. In order to avoid pulling out lipstick when you were looking for a pacifier, designate one side of your bag to personal items. Searching for your wallet will be a lot easier when it's not lodged in the same pocket as the extra diapers!

  • Pockets, pockets, pockets – If it wasn’t clear, pockets are crucial. When you’re lugging around everything under the kitchen sink, it’s important to have enough places to put your stuff. Fortunately, all of the BÉIS baby collection bags come with pockets galore! Moms can stay organized with ease by having separate pouches for wipes, bottles, toys, and even a handy laptop sleeve (after all, having a baby doesn’t mean you can’t send a quick work email). BÉIS even carries a diaper bag backpack loaded with pockets as well as a diaper bag organizer insert for your tote! 

  • Is a Diaper Bag Really Necessary?

    As a new mom, your diaper bag is likely going to replace your purse. When you’re traveling with toddlers, the load becomes a lot heavier than your wallet, keys, and an extra lip balm. Babies come with a whole bunch of needed supplies. From feeding to changing (and everything that happens in between) you’ll need a new tool every hour. 

    This is why it’s so important to have a sturdy, spacious diaper bag—but the traditional one-size-fits-all bag isn’t for everyone. 

    At BÉIS, we’ve created a lineup of baby bags that fit any mom’s style. From small totes to large bags, and even stylish backpacks, you have options when it comes to your diaper bag. 

    The bottom line? You’re going to need something. Might as well make it fashionable too.

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    What Age Do You Stop Using a Diaper Bag?

    A diaper bag typically stops being necessary when your baby is no longer in diapers. Most kids start using the toilet between 18 and 24 months, but some may take up to three years to leave diapers behind fully.2

    With that in mind, it’s important to note that many moms end up liking their diaper bags. Even after your baby has mastered the art of potty training, there’s still plenty of items you’ll be hauling around, like even bigger toys and clothes. 

    Put simply, everyone is different. While some moms may ditch the diaper bag as soon as possible, others choose to stick with the big-bag lifestyle. It’s really up to you!

    BÉIS: The Diaper Bag You’ll Want to Keep Using

    If you’re looking for a diaper bag that’s both utilitarian and stylish, look no further than BÉIS. 

    Our baby collection is designed to make busy moms feel fashionable, even when they’re lugging around a value pack of Huggies. Choose from a variety of designs, like our Backpack Diaper Bag, Pumping Tote, and even a portable Stroller Caddy. 

    No matter what’s on your diaper bag checklist, you can carry it in style with BÉIS!


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