How To Work From Home With Kids And Stay Organized

How To Work From Home With Kids And Stay Organized

This content was updated for accuracy and relevance on October 21st, 2020.

Parenting is tough, but so are you. Being a working parent and working from home with kids can be one of the hardest things to balanceespecially during this unprecedented time when our society is facing so much uncertainty and fear surrounding the coronavirus outbreak. 

No one could have prepared for this situation, and we are all having to quickly adapt to these ever-changing situations. With a rising number of people shifting to work at home instead of heading into the office, our team wanted to share some tips on navigating the current environment and how to transition to a work from home schedule. No matter if you’re new to being a remote worker or you're a seasoned wfh parent, we’re sharing steps to create a healthy, organized work and home balance.

Read on to learn more about how to work from home with a baby and how to work from home with kids of other ages, while keeping your life and home organized with our brand-new BÉIS baby travel bags. These bags aren’t just for when you’re on the go. They can make your everyday life more organized as well. 

Set Clear Expectations 

The world is a little crazy right now, and no one knows what to expect. Your kids are no different whether you have older kids or younger kids. That’s why it’s important to set a few expectations and boundaries during this time. Try your best to create some consistency. This starts with creating some ground rules for yourself and your family around dedicated work hours and school work time. Once you have some clear expectations outlined, it’s a good idea to sit down with your kids to briefly explain what is going on to keep everyone in the loop of what’s happening. This creates a better family balance, as everyone will know what to expect during this time.

Create a Schedule 

Whether you need to create a work at home mom schedule or dad schedule, , it’s essential to stick to a routine and set the right expectation for your family. When organizing your time and creating your remote work schedule, make sure to consider your kids’ schedules. As schools closures are still in effect for the next few months, you’ll want to carve out some school and learning time balanced with fun activities to keep them busy. When creating a work from home schedule that aligns with your kids remote learning schedule, write out everyone’s daily responsibilities, stick it on the fridge or somewhere where everyone in the family can refer to it throughout the day. We recommend creating a morning routine, afternoon routine (such as a lunch break or toddler nap) and evening routine (such as bedtime or dinner).

Make a To-Do List

Start off each workday by writing out a to-do list with tasks you need to accomplish for the day and week. This helps you stay organized of your goals and allows you to keep track of what you still have left on your plate. Plus, nothing beats the feeling of crossing off everything on your list! You can also do this with your kids to plan out activities and things for them to do during the day while you’re working.

Minimize Interruptions

Let’s face ityou can plan as much as you want, but things are likely to go a little off track. Be prepared for interruptions throughout your day. Your kids are likely not used to your new schedule, but it’s important to try to minimize distraction as much as possible and not to let these small interruptions completely throw you off your routine. Creating your ideal schedule is the best way to try to combat these distractions and let you focus on getting your job done and create space for your family. 

Keep Kids Entertained

When kids have a fun thing to look forward to, they are less likely to interrupt you. Try setting up an activity center so your children can have a specific space for them to do projects and keep busy with activities. You might even want to consider switching out their noisy toys for ones that don’t make any sounds. 

If you’re looking for more ideas to keep your kids active throughout the workday, check out this article on how to keep kids busy and stay sane at home.

Start the Day Early 

Rise and shine! It can be tempting to sleep in since you don’t have to worry about commuting to the office, but waking up early is a great way to start the day off right, especially as a busy mom. Instead of rushing to get to your desk and send an email, take the time to set your alarm and make yourself a cup of coffee or tea. This is a great tip for maximizing your workday and getting your kids ready for the day.

Separate Spaces in Your House

When work and home become the same place, it can be tough to figure out a balance between the two. One of the best things to do is to separate work life from home life in different spaces. Creating separate spaces in your house helps your brain focus on work mode or family mode and can help boost your productivity. If you have a home office or an empty guest room in the house, now is the time to utilize it. If you don’t have an office to work remotely in, try making a to-do list and leaving it in your workspace to revisit the next day. It’s up to you to decide which spaces are designated for work activities and which are for family.

Take Regular Breaks

Breaks are absolutely ESSENTIAL when working from home with kids. This creates a healthy balance while giving you a much-needed mental break from the craziness. Not only should you create breaks for your kids as they’re missing out on recess, but you should also make time to give yourself a break just for you (AKA without the kids). This could be as simple as making yourself a latte or heading out on the patio for five minutes to sit and clear your mind during their naptime.

Stay Organized

In the midst of chaos, staying organized is not only therapeutic but necessary, which is why we will help you figure out how to stay organized working from home. Don’t worryBÉIS has you covered with essentials that will help you get organized for every at-home activity. Here are some of our favorite things for life at home, work from home, and working out at home.

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Working out at home with kids can be just as difficult as working from home. Remember, exercise is an essential part of work-life balance too!

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Get Help If You Need It

If you are in quarantine with a partner at home, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Practice being open and honest in your daily routine. Communicate if you need assistance with keeping the kids busy or some quiet time to work alone. Just because we have to stay at home, doesn’t mean you can’t get a little help from others and be mindful of your mental health. Make uninterrupted time to schedule virtual meetings on Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime calls with coworkers, friends, a family member, or your therapist.

Hang In There

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that everything can change in an instant. Whether you're a working mom or a working dad, take each moment to appreciate where you’re at during this time and try to stay open-minded about the future. At BÉIS, one of our favorite healthy habits to bring joy to our days is planning for our next trip. We’ve realized that even though we can’t leave the house right now, creating plans for a trip once this is all over (and buying cute travel luggage to hold you over) gives us something to look forward to. Try planning for something that brings you and your little ones joy, or looking back at old memories that make you happy. We’re all navigating work life balance during the COVID 19 pandemic together. You will get through this!