Kids Luggage Buying Guide

Kids Luggage Buying Guide

Look, we’re guessing you’re reading this either after the kids finally went to sleep or while you’re waiting in the car to pick them up from soccer practice. Wherever you are, we know parents have a packed schedule, so we’ll keep it short. 

Looking for luggage for your little ones shouldn’t take long, but the bags you choose should have features that make a lasting impact. Here’s what to *actually* look for when you’re shopping for kids luggage. 


Go for a bag with details that can go the distance. Our kids suitcase has the same 360* Hinomoto wheels as our standard Rollers, which means its easy for them to use and it can handle all kinds of rough and rowdy play. Look for things like a soft padded handle that can keep them from complaining now… or once they hit the too-cool-for-family-travel teen years. Plus, a durable exterior is always a must! 


Kid-friendly means more than just smaller sizing! Finding a bag with fun colors they’ll love is key to making packing an activity rather than a chore. Look for fun shades, pop color details, and easy-to-use features like simple securing buckles and water bottle pockets. Plus, when it comes to a kids travel backpack, look for lightweight materials like nylon that feels sport-ready and can be spot cleaned! 


Great kids travel bags can be oh-so adorable and totally technical at the same time. Try one of our backpacks created with a convertible fanny pack that straps onto the main pouch or a roller that comes with an additional strap so parents can pick it up and wear it at the airport in a pinch! 


Make sure your kids’ bags are easy to find with helpful details like safety whistles and interior name labels (note: kids’ bags should always have their name on the inside so their personal info stays safe and secure!). Being easy to spot doesn’t just mean unique colors — at the end of the day, it’s their bag, but we’re all about parent friendly features that make travel easier. 


Our bags are designed by a team of real people (including parents) who understand the little things that make kids luggage that much better. But when it comes down to it, it’s always helpful to hear what other people are saying! Look for reviews that talk about how easy a material is to clean, how the sizing works for different families, and how innovative the features are! Our favorite reviews for our kids bags are the ones that talk about how the pieces make parents’ lives easier — that’s always our goal, and if that sounds good to you, make sure to look for those kinds of personal notes in the reviews! 

Ready to find the perfect piece of kids luggage for your family? Check out a few of our favorite pieces here!