The 20 Best Travel Gifts for Travel Lovers

The 20 Best Travel Gifts for Travel Lovers

As gift giving seasons approach, you might be scratching your head for gifts for your favorite traveler-friend-extraordinaire. Sometimes when shopping for an expert traveler, it can be hard to find the perfect gift to enhance their trip and add to their wanderlust. They’ve already booked their hotel, bought their plane tickets, and downloaded the best travel apps, and now you’re trying to find the perfect addition to their itinerary. You love their stories and love it even more when one of your holiday or birthday gifts appears as a side character. 

The key to finding the perfect travel gifts for travel lovers is choosing items that give travelers confidence in both form and function—you want to give them something that works like magic and makes them look out-of-this-world. From a convertible backpack to travel accessories, we’ve compiled a complete list of our favorite must-haves for on-the-go adventures as a female traveler!

Read on for our Top 20 travel gift ideas for her and him in this gift guide.

#1: Travel Face Mask

Sometimes, you don’t always get the best beauty rest on the flight. Other times, you just want to hit the streets feeling fresh and gorgeous as soon as you land. One of the best gifts for people who travel frequently is a portable anti-jet-lag face mask to relieve that post-flight puffiness.

#2: A Kit For the Explorers

For your nature-loving friends, put together a “Curiosity Kit” to help them explore flora and fauna at their destination—with the precision and charm of a real explorer. Here are some fun ideas for what your Curiosity Kit might include for an outdoor lover:

  • This comprehensive book on international bird watching by National Geographic.
  • A pair of snazzy binoculars to spot faraway creatures.
  • This beautiful, compact travel journal to document their findings and sketches. 
  • The aluminum mechanical pencil from Muji to scribble with style. 

#3: Sleep Mask

Sometimes, your flight mates may have a penchant for late-night reading, or they just can’t get enough of the world outside, leaving the window open, even when you’re trying to sleep. 

Needless to say, every travel-lover needs a good gadget to block out the light (especially on a long flight) and beat that jetlag. An eye mask is an essential part of every traveler’s toolkit, especially if they need to get some shut-eye before their big adventure. Give the perfect gift to your world traveler by making sure they always have an eye mask in their carry on.

#4: A Versatile Weekender (in Matcha Green)

For frequent travelers always on-the-go, but never out of style, this bag is it. A Weekender bags the ideal gift for road trippers, and beach house babes that want to pack light while staying cute. Thanks to its separate bottom compartment, you can fit shoes, toiletries, and even a hairdryer into your bag without having to play Tetris with your t-shirts.

Better yet, it comes with a zippered strap on the back to slide onto your carry-on. 

And if you want one too, you can always pick from our other classic colors: beige, charcoal, black, and sakura pink.

#5: Travel Map

These gorgeous memory trackers are the best travel gifts for people who want to remember their adventures and decorate their space. Whether looking for a holiday gift or a birthday present for your frequent flyer friend, these meaningful gifts are perfect for any world traveler. From push-pin to scratch-off, your friend will love their new interactive art piece. 

#6: Compression Socks

While they’re not the most glamorous gift on our list, they do give the gift of glamorous comfort. Compression socks are vital for long flights, offering benefits like:

  • Improved circulation
  • Reduced risk of blood clots
  • Less leg swelling
  • Prevention of deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

For a little style boost, just slip on some thigh highs over the compression socks and pair it with a plaid skirt for a major Cher Horowitz makeover.

#7: Cosmetics Case

Traveling takes quite a toll on your skin—a flawless face on-the-go requires that you have the right tools at all times. For the skincare-conscious queen that wants to pack all her essential balms, lotions, and serums, this is a great travel gift. At BÉIS. we have the chic and convenient cosmetics case of their dreams. Choose from stylish variations like a sakura pink cosmetic case or a clever hanging toiletry bag in classic beige.

#8: Fujifilm Instax Instant Camera

Instant cameras help travelers capture the moment without the distraction of phones or the complexity of a high-tech digital camera. These photo items are amazing travel gift ideas for travelers who want to stay spontaneous (without a screen). 

Available in tons of different colors, you can pick a sunny yellow one to match your friend’s cheerful disposition, or get this pink one to match her sakura pink travel bags. No matter what, don’t forget to bundle this gift with some fun film, a neat little photo album (to hold all the fun travel photos), and a crossover camera bag.

#9: Portable Security Alarm

Travel gifts for her aren’t always about looking cute—they should also keep you safe. For a solo traveler looking for independence without sacrificing safety, this tiny security alarm door stop is a great gift and the perfect gadget—all you have to do is tuck it under any door, and it’ll start beeping if someone tries to open it.  

#10:  Cute Cover-Up

For a practical travel gift that doubles as a towel and a stylish cover-up, go a little international and buy a Turkish towel or a Brazilian canga for a beach accessory that’s as cute as it is comfy.

#11: TRTL Travel Pillow

Neck pillow, meet scarf. With this versatile and stylish fashion travel pillow, your travel buddy will be able to get some sleep while feeling chic. Its soft fabric is supported by a strong underwire, allowing the user to mold it into the ideal shape for their snoozing standards.

#12: The Right Luggage

For every trip, your travel-loving friend will need the right combination of luggage. From a hard-case suitcase that’s as rad as it is robust, to a versatile backpack you can bring anywhere, BÉIS offers the best bags a bestie might need. 

Whether you want to give your friend one last addition to boost their luggage game, or gift them the whole package, here are some fun pieces any travel-lover will love to lug:

  • Luggage in beige for a demure packing staple that matches with everything and has a built in luggage scale.
  • A black backpack or a rucksack to fit all the essentials.
  • A dopp kit in black that makes packing easy.
  • A Chic diaper bag for stylish mamas. 

#13: Watercolor Palette

Creative friends and family members will adore this portable watercolor painter. It is perfect for spontaneous sketching and artistic expression, on-the-go that they can easily carry in their travel backpack.

Pair this versatile palette with this teeny-tiny watercolor sketchbook for quick, compact creations for capturing the moment in a real-life thumbnail. 

#14: Travel Book Set

For a thoughtful and personalized approach, put together a cute set of travel books for your friend’s dream location—pair with a classic guidebook, a novel set in that city, and wrap it all in charming wrapping paper for a lovely literary gift.  

For example, if your friend is traveling to San Francisco, you can put together a copy of Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City and this charming field guide of The Golden City for a travel book kit that's sweet and enriching. 

#15: Travel Jewelry Organizer

For stylish travelers, packing jewelry is a must. But nothing’s more annoying than reaching for your favorite necklace only to find it’s formed a metal amoeba with all its fellow accessories. 

That’s why our hanging jewelry organizer is the ideal gift for an accessory-loving frequent flyer. It folds up into a perfectly compact pouch and unfolds to reveal expertly designed pockets and hooks for every necklace, earring, and ring. 

#16: Noise Canceling Headphones

When you’re traveling, beauty sleep is a precious commodity. Airplanes can be noisy, your music might just not be loud enough, and it seems like there’s always an upset baby right behind you. That’s why you need some heavy-duty, sleek noise-canceling headphones for both silence and style. 

Check out these over-ear headphones by Master & Dynamic for a retro feel with their brown leather body and silver details. 

#17: Reusable Water Bottle With Filter

You can’t always trust the water in your new location. On the other hand, buying a new bottle of water every time you’re thirsty is wasteful and expensive. If you’re looking for an environmentally-conscious travel gift idea, a reusable water bottle is an excellent choice. Give the gift of eco-friendly refreshment with this amazing—and cute—Brita filtered water bottle in light blue so your friend will never have to go thirsty on their travels.

#18: Packing Cubes

For fashionistas on a long trip, all those outfit options can turn luggage into a big mess. Packing cubes streamline the process, making your clothes easy-to-find and wrinkle-free. Go the extra (air) mile and check out this our garment bag to treat your delicates as nicely as they treat your décolletage. 

#19: Travel wallet

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the papers, passports, and tickets needed for a trip. That’s why you need a compact, stylish, and versatile travel wallet to keep all of your important items ready-to-go and available all in one place—after all, you want to surf at the beach, not search in your bag. 

#20: Universal Outlet Adapter

As a frequent traveler, nothing is worse than getting to your destination with your phone at 1% and realizing you don’t have the right adapter to charge in that country (okay, maybe there are worse things, but still). That’s why this practical gift idea will always belong on this list—thoughtful, reliable, and always a must. 

Travel Buddy, Meet BÉIS

Whether you’re off to a girls' weekend, an extravagant vacation to an exotic beach, or just taking a weekend road trip, there are some travel essentials that you just can’t leave behind. No matter where you’re traveling to, you have to bring your buds, your bae, and your BÉIS—because the perfect trip is all about having good company and even better travel gear style. 

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