The Ultimate Guide For At Home Date Night Ideas

The Ultimate Guide For At Home Date Night Ideas

 A lot of couples are spending extra quality time together lately because of COVID-19 health concerns, business closures, and social distancing rules. Many people are working from home, and there aren’t many places to go when you’re not working (although trips to the grocery sure feel more adventurous than they used to, with toilet paper purchases practically becoming a battle). 

Whether you're dating, engaged or a married couple, spending so much time in close proximity to your partner in such stressful circumstances can easily test a relationship. Add to the mix that your usual outlets to blow off steam have all vanished or changed now that you stay at home almost 24/7. There’s no more gym time, mani-pedi appointments, or brunches with your best pals - now it’s video workouts, video calls...and let’s just not even talk about your nails. 

Basically, all the pressures of living with a partner are magnified right now, times a lot. And you’re home all the time, so you never forget it. It’s easy to see how this could take a couple from starry-eyed romance to bickering in sweatpants in the span of a month.

It’s time for great at home date night ideas (that might currently be quarantine date ideas) to truly enjoy each other’s company. 

What can couples do for fun at home?

Let’s face it. If your relationship is going to make it out of this pandemic intact, you’re both going to have to get out of those sweatpants, wash your hair and harken back to a time when that sloppy quarantine buddy made you swoon.

Behold, the ultimate guide to at home date ideas that are guaranteed to get you feeling the love again - and some laughter too:

1. Break out the old photos and relive your best moments as a couple.

If you can’t have new adventures together right now, it’s a perfect time to look back on the ones you’ve already had. A fun idea for couples includes reliving meaningful memories from earlier in your relationship. It is a great way to remind yourselves of everything that brought you together in the first place - reminiscing can reawaken some serious romance. Curious to see how much your relationship has truly developed? Have some fun with the newlywed game, and get a feel for how much you have learned about one another throughout the years! 

Other great ideas include picking an album from your most amazing vacation together or other special moments you’ve shared for a fun date night. Aside from sparking happy memories and reconnecting in the moment, looking over old photos is also a great springboard for talking about the adventures you want to plan together in the future. Having something to look forward to is fuel for romantic imagination - and that can make your relationship more engaging and fun in the present. Now’s a great time to shop for new luggage or travel accessories in preparation for that new adventure that awaits you! (Post quarantine).

2. Hold your own boudoir photoshoot

Before the pandemic, you could spend a fortune on a professional boudoir photoshoot. (If you’re not familiar, a boudoir shoot involves a sexy makeover with minimal to no clothing in a lushly sensual setting, usually a stunning bedroom or perhaps an elegant antique couch. Basically, you get to create a pin-up calendar of yourself). 

You may not be a professional photographer, but you’re probably already an expert on when your partner looks their best and vice-versa. So plan an evening taking boudoir shots of each other. Go all-out with lighting, makeup, costumes, and set. The planning for this is half the fun - you get to play an overtly sexy game of dress-up with your partner. 

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Gather props like your fanciest pillows and plushest blankets, potted plants, cut or dried flowers in vases, candles, jewelry boxes, antiques, or other cool furniture items, framed mirrors, and art. Spread everything out around a couch or bed to set the scene. Use lamps for dramatic mood lighting. 

For styling, think makeup, hair, and accessories. BÉIS makeup bags are your key to organizing all of your beauty essentials. Maybe even jewelry, dress shoes, a stylish hat, lingerie, a tie. Then coach each other as you pose. Keep all comments positive and flirt shamelessly throughout. Don’t take things too seriously - part of the fun is feeling a little self-conscious together and being able to laugh and bond through something that pushes you a bit out of your comfort zone. This is among the most daring and creative date night ideas - and a great one for rekindling romance for obvious reasons. 

3. Read bedtime stories aloud.

Pour a couple of cups of aromatic herbal tea and curl up together for storytime before bed - either in your bed or maybe in a bubble bath together. There’s something so comforting and luxurious about being read to as an adult - and it’s a surprisingly intimate experience to share with a partner. 

Choose short stories or even an artful children’s book, like a beautifully illustrated fairytale collection. You can take turns reading sections of a piece together, or if you enjoy reading aloud at length, you can swap nights, with one person choosing a whole story to read to the other each evening. 

This is a good way to enjoy each other’s company and a natural time to snuggle up with your sweetheart and enjoy hearing their voice. And if you’re not getting out much, stories can also be great conversation starters. In short, it’s a great way to create quality time together.

4. Partner yoga 

Yes, yoga can be a group sport! Partner yoga is also called acro yoga (that’s acrobatics plus yoga) and involves poses and movements inspired by traditional yoga but designed for two people. In partner yoga, you might use each other’s bodies for leverage to achieve certain poses together, or assist each other in making adjustments to deepen stretches.

You don’t have to be a couple to practice this kind of yoga. But it can be a wonderful way to connect with your partner since it requires verbal and physical communication and touch. Look for free online lessons for beginners.

5. Backyard picnic & camping

Are you both outdoorsy types? Are you counting down the days until your next wilderness adventure? You don’t have to wait until quarantines are over with these staycation ideas. Grab your favorite snacks, order a pizza, get out your gear, and head outside for these backyard date night ideas. Pitch a tent, put out lawn chairs and your picnic blankey, play a card game or a board game, or even have some fun with a scavenger hunt! 

Throw an outdoor or indoor picnic in the afternoon and spend the day outside gardening, reading, or sunbathing. In the evening, grab some tiki torches and your fire pit, toast marshmallows, make s’mores, and enjoy some drinks. Then climb into your tent together, where you have no choice but to get cozy on this outdoor date. 

If you’re craving the outdoors and some fresh air, make the most of a backyard or porch with a picnic and camping.


Backyard tent camping is great because you can enjoy a night outdoors without giving up some of the luxuries of home. Bring your pillows and blankets if you prefer them over sleeping bags and tuck an air bed inside the tent if you can for maximum comfort. Listen to the crickets as you fall asleep and wake up when the sun comes up. (Then head inside for a warm cup of coffee, a hot breakfast, and shower.) 

6. Dress up, light candles, open a bottle of wine, and order takeout.

Create a romantic date night with minimal effort! Spend your time setting the mood and let someone else do the cooking. Turn the lights down low, set an elegant dinner table with nice dishes, wine glasses (or your favorite cocktail or other drinks), and candles. Put on a chill, understated playlist. 

Get dressed for the meal just like you would for a date out (okay, maybe a date out when you were first dating - in other words, bring your A-game). It’s important to see your partner shine on the regular - and to give them a glimpse of you at your best, too. Getting dressed up is a fun way to set a special mood and set the stage for a flirtatious, romantic date night at home. 

Don’t forget to order dessert - or pick up some sorbet and fruit or make some homemade ice cream sundaes a day ahead. 

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7. Read your teenage journals to each other

This one is not for the faint of heart - but is likely to generate some laughs and are great conversation starters for deep discussion. If either of you kept journals during your younger years, go through them for some highlights you feel (semi-) comfortable sharing. Then take turns revealing your youthful self. 

Vulnerability coupled with humor is a good blend to create some intimacy with your partner - and there’s nothing like embarrassing stories from your past to help you bond.

8. Swap skills or hobbies.

Think about all the things you admire in your partner. What could they teach you? If they’re a great bike mechanic and you’re an experienced yogi consider trading lessons for an educational date-night experience. Or ask them to go in-depth with you on a subject they’re passionate about, but you don’t normally share - like their encyclopedic knowledge of obscure sub genres of heavy metal (in exchange, they get a knitting lesson). 

Maybe you’ll pick up a new skill or interest, maybe not. That’s not really important. Consider it a chance to gain insight into something your partner loves and why they love it. And a way to give them an audience for their talents, something we all appreciate - but especially from the people we love. 

Another perk of this home date night idea? Asking your partner to show off their skills, knowledge, and confidence can be a very attractive look. 

The Bottom Line

Yes, when it comes to at home date night ideas, there is always the movie marathon, taking a virtual cooking class together or having a game night. And there’s nothing wrong with sharing some streaming entertainment. But chances are you watch movies already. Bonus points if these different date night ideas offer some creative inspiration and quality time beyond the movie night to get you and your husband or wife reconnecting in fresh ways - and falling for each other all over again.