Your Luggage Horoscope

Your Luggage Horoscope

Getting to the root of your baggage.

Whether you’re sold on the whole astrology thing or not, take a second to get in touch with the stars and see what our team of luggage (not lunar phase) experts sees for you. 

Aries - We hear you’re a bit of a wild child. Take one of our Sport styles for a swing and get some of that fieriness out — this week is all about keeping your cool… and looking cool. (P.S. our founder, Shay, is one of you!) 

Taurus - When we think Taurus, we think: dependable. Funny enough, that’s the same thing we think of when it comes to our BÉISics Collection, perfect for our strong-willed signs who value some good old reliability. 

Gemini - Let’s face it, you’re busy. You barely have time to read this horoscope and see what’s in store. Since you’re already in our store, take one thing off your to-do list and bring home the new bag you’ve been needing — no unnecessary stops this month, Gemini, we’re focused!  

Cancer - So you have trust issues… hey, same. At least we can promise our bags are trusted by thousands worldwide. Honestly, just hang in there, that’s all we can say. (Can you tell this was written by a Cancer?)

Leo - You know we love you. And we know you love you, too. As you should. You’ll be on the go this month; make sure to bring your Cosmetic Case so you always have a mirror on hand. You’ll thank us (or yourself) later.  

Virgo - It’s no secret that you’re the most organized of the bunch. You’ve got big things in the works — make sure you get your hands on some Packing Cubes so your organized life can translate to an organized bag. 

Libra - Your balanced nature means you’re super into symmetry. Let me tell you about how our Rollers butterfly open into two perfectly lined sections…  Good things come in two this month, so make it a Luggage Set

Scorpio - Something to hide? You’re a little secretive sometimes… our Commuter collection comes with all sorts of discrete pockets and features — we think you two will relate. 

Sagittarius - You’ve always been a free spirit. Pack your Weekender for a road trip… you might just have so much space in that bag that you’ll keep the trip going for weeks… 

Capricorn - We see good career news in your future. You’re persistent and practical, and somehow you still make it look effortless — a new Work Tote might be in order. 

Aquarius - Keep innovating, Aquarius. New ideas are forming, and with them, a new chapter for you. If you need some inspiration, our built-in weight limit indicators are pretty innovative, too. 

Pisces - You tend to get a little emotionally attached… so does the retractable bag attach strap that comes with our rollers, so maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Follow your feelings! 

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