Work Bag Buying Guide - Best Laptop Bags for Women, Men & All

Work Bag Buying Guide - Best Laptop Bags for Women, Men & All

Not to generalize, but at least on our team, there are a few types of people when it comes to a work bag. There’s the person who just wants a bag that will fit their laptop, the one who’s going straight from work to pick up the kids or hit the gym and needs a bag that’s truly versatile… and there’s the one who values looking chic (+ probably has the perfect pantsuit to match, and can we just say… we like your look). 

Lucky for everyone, we’ve got work bags that work for all of these people, and we’re giving you the rundown so you can find the one for you. 

If your ideal work bag is a backpack…

First of all, we get you. Especially if you’re commuting, a backpack that allows you to go totally hands-free is a game-changer. The best laptop backpack should come equipped with padded straps, a key leash, and a wipable interior, and our BÉISics line was made for all of this. Plus, it comes in Black, Beige, and Grey, so if you’re headed on a work trip soon, you can have a bag that matches perfectly with one of our classic rollers — just slide it on with the trolley pass-through. 

If you’re really into the whole croc trend going on in fashion… 

You can’t go wrong with a black tote bag. We’re pretty sure that’s fashion rule number 1, right? Fashion aside, our Work Totes know function. We sometimes consider our Work Tote an on-the-go mobile office just because of how easy it is to store pens, electronics, and everything else you may need. It goes easily from work to after-work cocktails, and it comes in our standard vegan leather plus chic croc styles that are so on-trend for every season. 

If you’ve got a whole to-do list and would rather just check off “get new work bag” as fast as possible… 

Start with a laptop pouch. This is the perfect simple solution, and for under $30, it’s basically a no-brainer. These are padded and protective, plus they fit perfectly into many of our totes, backpacks, and more — it’s the easiest on-the-go option if you need to swap your work materials from bag to bag throughout the week.

And if you’re more of an “enjoy the shopping journey” type of person… not only do we have work bags that also double as incredible travel options, we’ve got a whole wide selection for you to explore. So take your time and find your favorite! 

Our Favorite Work Bag Add-On

  • The On the Go Essential Case: Our founder, Shay, loves having all of her essentials in one of these so she can move them around from bag to bag as she pleases. The see-through top helps you keep track of everything with ease and with over a thousand 5-star reviews, it’s the perfect addition to any purse, bag, or pouch. 
  • The ID Crossbody: We’ve all had that moment: you’re running a few minutes late and somehow your ID grew legs and walked off without you noticing. That’s why we got to work helping you get to work and came up with a polished and perfectly sized crossbody for all the things you shouldn’t have to think about keeping track of. With a PVC ID slot and vegan leather trim, a credit card pocket, and even space for your phone, it’s the ideal piece to toss in your bag or wear on its own — just clip on the adjustable strap.
  • The Mesh Pouch Trio: You never know you need one of these, until you know you need it. Or maybe you’re an accessory expert and you’re one of the tons of people who have left a 5-star review for these. If you love an organized bag, you’ll live for these. 

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