Does a Weekender Bag Count As A Personal Item?

Does a Weekender Bag Count As A Personal Item?

Here’s our short answer: we think the Weekender works best in the overhead bin. Have we fit ours under the seat in front of us? Yep. Do we still recommend it flies best overhead? Also yes. Here’s why. For one, it fits a *lot*, so taking it as your carry-on is honestly a great choice. Plus, with the bottom compartment, it just sits better above — no stress squish needed. That being said, we’ve got a bunch of bags that make perfect personal items (and pair quite nicely with your Weekender for the ultimate expert travel collection). 

What to look for in a personal item: 

  • Size
    • The number one factor to consider when looking for a personal item is, of course, sizing. You want something that maximizes space and minimizes time spent worrying your bag won’t fit below the seat. Our Specifications tab will always tell you the exact dimensions of your item so you can travel with confidence! We always recommend checking with your airline for specific dimension guidelines.
  • Versatility
    • A perfect personal item is great, but what about a bag you’ll actually use day-to-day, even if you’re not traveling? I mean, it’s called a personal item for a reason. Shouldn’t it work for your personal lifestyle? Select an option that travels just as well under an airplane seat as it does to the gym, the office, or on your everyday errands. 
  • Durability
    • Travel can get messy — we get it. Opt for materials that look good and last like polyester, vegan leather, durable nylon, and more. Your travels are an investment in your life, your bag should be an investment into making memories that last — and that starts with a personal item that lasts, too! 
  • Organization 
    • You know that moment when you can finally put your tray table down on your flight, and you realize you forgot to grab your headphones? The person in the seat next to you is already asleep, and no one wants to be the neighbor who wakes someone up digging around in their bag. Make sure your personal item comes with easy-access pockets so you can store and reach your in-flight essentials with ease. 

Personal Item Buying Guide: 

Item #1: The Black Mini Weekender

If the Weekender is the winner of 2-day stays, the Mini is the must-have of under-seat storage. The mini version of our standard style makes the perfect personal item with all the functions the OG is known for scaled into a compact version. 

Item #2: The Beige Sport Duffle

Looking for a bag with a similar wide-zip opening to the Weekender? Or a sporty cousin to sport with your Weekender? This bag does both. Designed to fit perfectly in a gym locker or under your airplane seat, this is the duffle that does it all. And… we couldn’t write about this bag without mentioning that it even comes with padded backpack straps that can be stowed away or taken out to carry as another option. Talk about double duty! 

Item #3: The Black Commuter Tote

Now, we’re really not supposed to play favorites and we’re not going to. But… since you’re on the blog, we’ll just say that when we had a team meeting the other week, a solid majority of the group showed up with this tote. Seriously. The sleek, chic, and durable nylon material slides under the seat effortlessly and looks so stunning on your side at the airport. It even has a secret concealed pocket for your phone. It’s perfect for traveling, and also perfect for everyday wear — we can’t get enough of it! 

Don’t forget — we’re your personal experts when it comes to personal items! Check out more of our shopping guides and we’re always just a message away. 

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