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Gym Bag Buying Guide 2024

If you’re a gym pro looking for the perfect bag, skip to the next section — we know you’re in a rush and are ready to get that pump in, and we’ve already got the perfect list curated for bags that know a thing or two about a heavy lift. 

If you’re a little newer here and starting up a fresh workout routine… hi, we see you, you’re in the right place. We’ve got bags that will make you look and feel like a pro when it comes to prepping for your workout (and whatever comes after). 

We actually think going to the gym and packing a bag have a lot in common — organization and movement are both proven to have countless positive impacts on your life, and we design our bags with this in mind. Whether going to the gym is a little intimidating, or if the weight room is basically your second home, you need a bag that’s just as ready to work as you are, and we’ve got just the ones! 

Black duffle bag sitting on top of a bench with someone reaching inside


When we think gym, we can’t help but remember middle school P.E. class, matching sweatsuits, and ___ locker rooms. It’s not exactly our favorite sight. Something we love to look at way more? A duffle gym bag that elevates your gym look and is as flexible as you are… count us in. Our Sport Duffle was created to fit exactly into a gym locker, plus it has all of the functions you want in a bag — a compact shape, multiple pockets, and a trolley sleeve. We pushed ourselves with this one and even went the extra mile to add stow-away padded backpack straps for the ultimate 2-in-1 style — talk about a PR. 

beige sport backpack sitting on a tennis court with a tennis racquet leaning on it


Interested in a slightly smaller style? Our gym backpack is the perfect size for a quick trip to the gym and it packs a big punch! With a front pocket for equipment (great for a tennis racket or yoga mat), and cinched openings to keep everything secure, it’s lightweight, accessible, and the perfect blend of cute, cool, and classy. Plus, with two water bottle holders, you’ll be sure to keep up with that “drink a gallon of water a day” goal you have. 

At the end of the day, having that go-to gym bag is a great motivator for reaching your fitness goals. Our Sport Collection is made from a lightweight nylon material that is perfect for post-workout — you’ve already done the heavy lifting, your bag should be a comfort at the end of the day! Our padded straps make sure that’s possible, plus each bag has adjustable sizing to make sure you get your optimal fit and feel. But, these aren’t just gym bags — our travel-ready features like trolley pass-throughs and laptop pockets make these a great option for all kinds of activity. Whether you’re packing an outfit for work post-pilates, or you’re heading in for some HIIT (or you just really like the look of our sporty lineup), you’re off to a strong start!

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