Kids Travel Guide 2024

Kids Travel Guide 2024

Traveling with kids is one of the most special things you’ll do as a family — but let’s just say… the baby books don’t always prepare you for what it’s really like in the moment. 

You know what we’re talking about… bags everywhere, somehow everything is a little sticky, and a whole lot of “mom, where’s my…?”. That’s okay — you know you’re making lasting memories with them, and it’s beyond worth it. But if you need a little guidance while you’re prepping for your trip (or if you’re mid-tantrum on the tarmac right now and just need a little encouragement)… we’ve got you. Read through our top tips for smooth(ish) family travel.  

Tip #1: Keep their necessities easily accessible. 

Maybe this is a no-brainer. We list it first because it’s one of the easiest switches you can make to have quick, effective impact on packing and traveling. Try a kids rolling suitcase with a padded pocket on the front where you can fit an iPad to keep them occupied, or their favorite books and plane activities. That way, you can roll with ease all the way through the airport, then grab everything you need for the flight without having to unpack and repack at the gate. 

This tip goes for their every day, too — whether you’re heading to the airport or taking them to school, a backpack with a detachable pouch on the front is a great way to keep their most-used items separate from the rest. Plus, you can easily unclip and let them carry as a mini go-bag — they’ll love this little magic trick! 

Tip #2: Label, label, label. 

Tip 2 is our realest tip because it starts with this: sometimes when you’re traveling with the little ones, things get lost. It’s just inevitable, and it says nothing about you (or them!) — there’s a lot to keep track of, life happens. 

Make sure their name is on everything because it’s always the one time you think you triple-checked that the bag with their beloved stuffed animal or important iPad gets left on the plane. 

We keep our name tag on the inside of our kids travel backpack so that your kids personal info is safe and secure, but can be easily located and returned if needed! 

Tip #3: Find A bag they love to use (and that you love too). 

Key features for kids include streamlined sizing, fun colors, and age-appropriate details (like built-in safety whistles or additional stink bags). 

They’ll love the easy-rolling 360* wheels and padded handle of their very own bag, and you’ll love that the handles and straps adjust to larger sizes so you can easily wear or roll their items if needed. Plus, with colorful details designed to match back to our adult-sized bags, you can look coordinated, even if you don’t quite feel it. 


We’re all just doing our best. The easiest way to take a little stress out of family travels? Start with a kids travel bag packed with all the features and functions you need to feel confident. 

Our last tip? Treasure all the moments (good and bad)... because soon enough they’ll be asking for their own full-sized luggage set, and you’ll be wondering how time flew by so fast!