Every BÉIS Bag that Can Fit in an Overhead Bin

Every BÉIS Bag that Can Fit in an Overhead Bin

It’s honestly one of the parts of travel that gives me the most anxiety… the overhead bin. Who am I kidding? I’m an anxious traveler and I know it. That’s why having a bag I know confidently will fit in the overhead bin allows me to not only plan what to pack, but also to plan the moment I lift my bag into the bin. Yep, seriously. If you’re anything like me, you get this. You check your boarding pass a few times before your flight to make sure you go to the right seat, you always wonder if your bag randomly resized last minute and might not make the carry-on cut, and you also probably accidentally said “you too” to the security agent who told you to have a nice flight. It happens. 

Let me help both of us out. Here’s a list of every BÉIS bag that can fit in an overhead bin — and some of the best surprise features of each of them. 


These are the overachievers of the overhead bin. Our two bestselling styles, created specifically for packing as much as you possibly can while still qualifying as a carry-on.  

1) The Weekender

You know it, you love it, and if you don’t know it? You will soon. With 12,000 5-star reviews and counting, this weekender bag is a favorite for a reason. It’s the perfect piece for packing light, but packing lots. Plus, it has a zip-around bottom compartment that can fit shoes, toiletries, or even a hair dryer. It’s your new bin bestie.

2) The Carry On 

It’s simply a go-to.  Our hard-shelled luggage not only comes with Hinomoto 360-degree wheels and a cushioned handle, it’s also loaded with interior pouches and pockets so it’s got your back while you pack, while you fly, and once you make it to your destination. Of course, it has a wide butterfly opening and comes with compression straps so you can keep everything in place with ease. 


We think of these as the people pleasers of personal items. Yep, they fit in the overhead bin easily — plus, they can also totally be packed to stow away beneath the seat in front of you. You’re happy, we’re happy, and the flight attendants on your flight are happy too — yes, please. 

3) The Mini Weekender 

This mini Weekender bag is the epitome of “fun size” — a sweet addition to your luggage lineup. Perfect for a personal item, overnight trip, or weekend away, the wide, easy access opening makes filling it feel effortless. 

4) The Backpack

For people who like to go hands-free, a travel backpack is a great option when it comes to no-fuss function. The trolley pass-through, double water bottle pockets, and padded interior sleeve make it easy to organize — and have earned it over 2,900 5-star reviews. 

5) The East to West Tote

Now, this is the perfect travel tote for someone who needs a bag they can just throw everything in. It’s packed with features including zipper pockets and a key leash, plus it’s super spacious for all of your travel needs. Slide it under the seat in front of you, or slide it easily in the overhead bin. Either way, the wipeable exterior is perfect for if you accidentally spill your in-flight refreshment — just saying.  

These are five of our best-fitting bags, but we’ve got a bunch more where that came from! Next time you’re headed down that airplane aisle, don’t let that pre-flight panic take over. You’ve got a carry-on you can count on! You’re a pro, trust me. 

*We always recommend that you adhere to airline guidelines, please check with your airline for size and weight limit restrictions. 

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