Best Backpacks For Travel 2024

Best Backpacks For Travel 2024

I’m going to be completely honest. I don’t really consider myself a backpack person. Gasp — a writer for a bag brand that doesn’t love one of the styles most quintessential to life lived on-the-go? 

Here’s what I’ll say. I’ve always been more into totes, mostly because I feel like I’m always forgetting things and I like to be able to just peek into a shoulder bag to make sure I have everything I need. That’s where BÉIS’ thoughtful backpack design details like the key leash, water bottle holders, and more caught me by surprise. Totes are great (don’t get me wrong), but when you’re on the go and looking for an option that will let you hold your phone so you can use a navigation app while also carrying a coffee (and about ten other things, as I always find myself doing), backpacks are where it’s at. Yes, you could say I’ve been influenced, and when it comes to travel in particular, this influence has had quite the impact. Here’s a breakdown of some of the features you’ll find in a BÊIS travel backpack.

It all starts with, of course, the straps. These bags have adjustable straps that make weight distribution way easier (a real lifesaver for our clumsier friends — we see you, we support you). But, it’s also about space. You shouldn’t have to compromise, and these backpacks are true carryalls. I can’t help but think about those giant backpacks we used to lug around to soccer practice; I honestly think I could fit the same amount of stuff, but upgraded to a way more functional, fashionable version (and without little bits of turf falling everywhere…). 

These styles are truly so sleek that if I was doing school all over again (or if I didn’t work from home), this would be my go-to for a bag that doubles as an everyday option, or the best travel backpack. You really can carry everything you need for the day (water, a camera, maps, books, keys — never forget your keys!), without looking like a lost tourist. 

What about the materials, you ask? BÉIS backpacks are made out of durable, wipeable fabrics that are lightweight and, simply, look good. If you’ve been searching the internet for a backpack that’s the true hybrid of fashion and function, you’ve found the place. 

Ultimately, I’m a sucker for versatility, so an expandable travel backpack is a true gamechanger. Not only is ours made out of recycled plastic water bottles, it has a built-in laptop sleeve, a water bottle pocket that can be talked inside and slipped away, and it zips open for even more storage when you need it. 

Side note: when it comes to travel backpacks, we could never forget about the parents and kids in our lives. With high-function styles designed specifically for the little ones and for those who take care of the little ones, there truly is a backpack for everyone. Seriously, don’t trip — I’ll introduce you to our Kids Backpack and The Backpack Diaper Bag

The cherry on top of all of this? Every backpack has a trolley pass-through that makes traveling on planes, trains, boats (hey, I don’t know where you’re headed!) easier. 

From sleek nylon styles to compressible bags to pack and use once you arrive, there’s a reason backpacks are one of the first kinds of bags we use growing up. These styles are timeless and totally ready for your next trip. From those early days at school to whatever travels you’ve graduated to now (whether you’re headed worldwide, or to the coffee shop down the street), there’s a BÉIS backpack for that.

— Julia, BÉIS Blogger

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