The Ultimate Luggage Buying Guide 2024

The Ultimate Luggage Buying Guide 2024

When it comes to the search for new luggage, we’ll be the first to admit that, yeah, we know there are a ton of options out there. We’ll also be the first to say — hi, we’re BÉIS and behind the aesthetically pleasing website and bags you recognize from all over airports (and Instagram), we’re people too. And we’re here to walk you through everything you need to know about making the right decision for you when it comes to luggage. As a team of moms, gym go-ers, recent college grads, and so much more, we know a thing or two about picking out bags that work for real life (not just for rolling up to the airport for a tropical vacation — as much as we really wish we were doing that right now). 

Here’s our rundown of how to buy the best luggage for wherever life is taking you 

Part 1: What to look for in your luggage

Start from the bottom: Wheels

If you think about that roller you used when you were younger that you had to drag all tilted while trailing behind your mom and begging to buy some airplane snacks from the magazine stand (okay… maybe that was a little specific), then you know how important having solid wheels is. 360-degree rolling is a game changer when it comes to navigating airports, city streets, and even the narrow aisle on an airplane. I mean… it’s way easier to have a phone to continuously check and make sure you know which seat number is yours so you go to the right place when it only takes one hand to rotate then roll your suitcase down the aisle. BÉIS bags have Hinomoto wheels which are recognized across industries as a durable, reliable, smooth-rolling option perfect for premium luggage design. 

Let’s get technical: TSA Locks

When you’re traveling, the last thing you want to worry about is losing any of your items. An easy-to-use but not easy-to-hack TSA lock is so handy to keep your possessions safe and secure. 

The ideal addition: Weight Limit Indicator

Make sure your check-in size bags come with a built-in weight indicator. This feature comes in handy when you’re doing that last-minute “can I fit this extra pair of shoes” smush into your suitcase. No need to whip out the scale and perform mental and physical gymnastics trying to make sure your bag will make it on the plane, BÉIS bags will tell you themselves with an integrated system to make your life easier. 

It’s what’s on the inside that counts: Interior Organization

Honestly, we never thought we’d be those people who open up their suitcase and everything is folded into neat little sections. And okay, maybe we’re still not totally there on the whole folding thing, but a suitcase that handles the organization for you is a real plus. BÉIS bags come with organization flaps and zipper pockets, additional dirt bags for laundry or shoes, and interior compression straps to keep everything in place. 

Durability Test 

It doesn’t matter how many cool features and functions your luggage has if it doesn’t stand the test of real-life wear and tear. Whether you’re going for our bestselling hard-shelled luggage, or another soft-shelled option like a duffle or other bag, sturdy materials are a must. Our hard-sided cases are made from 100% virgin PolyCarbonate which guarantees a higher durability that you can trust. 

We have to hand it to ourselves…

Having a luggage handle that easily retracts is great. Having extra padding on said handle so that you’re comfortable and confident wherever you go? Even better. We can speak from personal experience that there will be a surprised and delighted “oh!” when reaching for that luxurious, ergonomic grip.

Last but not least… the looks. 

All the details we just listed are important, but… we get it — you care about aesthetics too. We won’t lie… it’s nice to have at least one thing that makes you feel put together at the airport, and a coordinated luggage set will do just that. Luggage should be the base of your travel bag collection. Consider the incrementality of your luggage: is it designed to pair with other work bags, travel essentials, or packing accessories you might need later on? Creating your ideal set is easy when you know where to go for add-ons that customize your luggage for your life.  

Part 2: Top recommendations for luggage 

If you’re going for a weekend trip…

  • Start with a Weekender or smaller luggage option like our Front Pocket Carry On, so you can keep things light while also having room for the thirty outfits you might need during your three-day trip. 

Need to pack more…

  • For slightly longer trips, our Carry On Roller and duffle bags are here for you. These sizes are designed to fit more but still be compact enough to store in an overhead bin. 
  • Organization is key: make your life easier with packing cubes or storage solutions like our Dopp Kit, so you can keep everything organized when you’ve got a lot to fit. 

For a longer stay… 

  • Opt for our larger luggage sizes like the 26 or 29-inch rollers. These come in all of our classic colorways and make it easy for you to fit everything you need without the fuss. 
  • Bonus: Add a tote that matches your roller so you can attach it using the trolley passthrough while you travel, then have all your essentials in your personal item once you make it on the plane (plus our totes are chic and durable, so they’re great as your day-to-day bag once you reach your destination).

Part 3: Our Top Tips

  1. Start with a true neutral. If you didn’t know, BÉIS means beige, so we always recommend our beige luggage as a great option if you want something a little different than a classic black roller. 
  2. Spring for luggage sets. It’s always a bonus to have bags that work together seamlessly. Create your perfect bundle with different roller sizes, plus add on totes, duffles or accessories to complete your collection.   
  3. If you’re still unsure, trust the reviews. Our rolling luggage pieces have thousands of 5-star reviews because at the end of the day, the most important thing when it comes to the luggage search is finding a bag you can trust! 

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