Weekender Bag Buying Guide 2024

Weekender Bag Buying Guide 2024

Maybe you know this story, maybe you don’t. Back in the day, our founder Shay came up with the idea for one of our original products while sitting on a flight, contemplating why there wasn’t a travel bag that combined function, fashion, and affordability — plus, that really understood the nitty gritty of what people need when they’re traveling. Seriously, the first version of the Weekender bag was sketched onto an airplane napkin. Now, it’s one of our bestsellers and we’re walking you through all the different styles, shades, and sizes so you can find the one that fits your life and needs. 

Check out our Weekender guide to see which one is right for you! 


This beige overnight bag is the true original and for a reason. Like the name implies, this bag was designed to have all of the features, functions, and (most importantly) space that you need when packing for a weekend trip. Thanks to its trolley pass-through, this bag also makes a great companion stacked on your roller for longer travel plans (or for a short trip that you just need a lot of stuff for — we don’t judge).


The black Mini Weekender is what we’d recommend to the person who doesn’t quite know where to start when it comes to a true capsule luggage collection. This bag is for that friend or family member who wants something that can do a little bit of everything. It’s compact, but still has plenty of space — plus, it makes the perfect personal item to slide under the airplane seat in front of you, stress-free. 


convertible Weekender bag is honestly a game-changer when it comes to streamlined travel. This bag has all of the 5-star features our bags are known for (a trolley pass-through, gorgeous vegan leather, the list goes on…) but get this: the bottom zips off completely, leaving you with a packing cube and a sleek tote bag. It’s the closest thing we know to travel magic, besides being randomly selected to have your seat upgraded last minute (this has actually never happened to us, so we’ll stick with the bag which we know always has our back). 


Just like the original Mini Weekender, this makes a great personal item — with a twist. It’s a truly versatile small weekend bag that turns into a packing cube and a purse or pouch for on-the-go with just one zip. Can’t decide between the versatility of the Convertible Weekender and the compact function of the Mini? This is one of those rare instances where you actually can have both — honestly, what a relief. We needed that. 

Whether you’re a Weekender extraordinaire looking to add to your collection, or a first-time shopper who saw BÉIS on social and wants to give us a go, this is truly the bag that makes travel easier. Need some ideas for other ways to use this style day to day? We’ve got you. 

1) Your chic new picnic basket. Toss a blanket + utensils in the inner pockets, load up the middle with snacks and goodies, and fill the bottom zip-off compartment with some bottles of your favorite bev (or cans of Onda, if you’re like us).

2) Solo pool dates are in. Keep your summer look simple *and* have an extra hand to block out the sun while searching for the perfect poolside spot. Life hack — keep your books separate and dry in the bottom compartment. You’ll definitely read them, not just fall asleep under the umbrella as soon as you get there.

3) Set up your salon. Take some time for self care + gather everything you need for an at-home or on-the-go spa in one place. Nail polish, a fun outfit, face masks, you name it, it’s going in the bag. And yes, a hair dryer fits perfectly in the bottom zip-off compartment of the OG size. Some things are just meant to be. 

Still deciding? Use the chart below to compare these bags side by side.

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