Which Roller Is Right For You?

Which Roller Is Right For You?

So… you’re thinking about a new suitcase. Yeah, we love that for you and you are 100% in the right place — picking out Rollers is one of our favorite things to do! You could call us the luggage matchmaker and with over 10,000 5-star reviews… you’d be pretty spot on. 

Check out our guide below to figure out which of our award-winning Rollers is right for you.


This is the perfect size to keep with you on the plane and pack for up to a week (or more if you’re really space-efficient). We love this Carry-On luggage size for business trips, short to medium length vacations, and even just weekend getaways where you want a few more layering options. 


Our Medium Check-In Roller is the perfect choice for when you know you just won't quite be able to fit everything in your Carry-On (or for when you want to bring home a lot of souvenirs from wherever you’re headed). Tend to be indecisive? This is the perfect hybrid of our standard Carry-On and our Large Roller — I mean, it’s in the name! This bag gives you just the right amount of room for about 1-2 weeks depending on how you pack, and is also great for our friends who’s shoes always seem to take up half their Carry-On.


A better title for this section might be go big or go abroad… because the first thing we recommend a large suitcase for is international travel. For big trips abroad and long stays, you want as much space as possible, and our Large Check-In Roller truly fits it all. That’s why we also recommend this bag for things like 2+ week trips (if this is you… we’re jealous), packing lots of layers, and even moving into that college dorm. If you’re someone who tends to like a lot of outfit options, this one’s for you. 


Care about more than just size? Our Rollers all come with these incredible features:

  1. 2 inches of expandable space
  2. Smooth-rolling 360* wheels
  3. Interior compression straps
  4. Dust bags for shoes or dirty laundry 
  5. A cushioned trolley handle grip
  6. Security locks
  7. A built-in weight limit indicator
  8. … and more. 

We’re here to help you decide, but you don’t actually have to make a choice! Our Rollers are designed to pair with each other perfectly: matching colors, complementary functions… and they even nest (so you can store them one inside another). Plus, we have a variety of other great Roller + Carry-On size bag options, so check out our full collection to see what else you might love! 

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